ARC has developed radars for specific customer needs for a wide range of applications around the planet.  The expert ARC staff has decades of experience with radar development, fabrication and operation, in both research and operational settings.  This expertise gives ARC the ability to match a customer with the best possible radar system for their specific needs.  ARC specializes in, but is not limited to, X and C-band polarimetric radars.

ARC also offers a Radar Upgrade Package which allows the newest technology to be incorporated into existing radar systems.  ARC also can upgrade specific components for a radar, specifically the Antenna Control Unit and HiQ digital receiver.  For all systems, ARC utilizes the NCAR-developed TITAN/CIDD radar product generation and display software which has been refined through decades of research and operational use around the planet. 

ARC products come standard with the following features:

·         Durable and robust pedestal and antenna specifically designed for dual-polarization radars and products

·         Comprehensive Antenna Control Unit

·         Custom-built transmitter with a Solid State Modulator

·         Remote operations capabilities

·         Exclusive HiQ digital receiver license from NCAR

·         TITAN/CIDD software, developed at NCAR

·         Integrated transmitters and pedestals


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